Kayden Gray Fucks Aarin Asker | Badpuppy!

May 7th, 2023|

Kayden Gray Fucks Aarin Asker


Aarin Asker says he wants a pounding and Kayden Gray promises to deliver. Their interview quickly diverts into Kayden telling Aarin to stand up and turn around. Kayden pulls down Aarin’s jeans and underwear getting an eyeful of Aarin’s plump, tight ass. Kayden strips off his shirt and then leans forward, shoving his tongue deep into Aarin’s waiting hole. After a good ass priming with both fingers and tongue, Kayden’s ready to fuck Aarin’s tight, muscular ass.


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Ron Bailey Swedish Bombshell Encore | BentleyRace!

May 6th, 2023|


  Ron Bailey Swedish Bombshell Encore!

At BentleyRace.com


 Zac is totally in love with this fresh faced long haired big dicked pretty boy from Sweden. The boys met during our extended stay over in Thailand. Ron Bailey was in Thailand for a modelling competition and Zac and I were finishing up a vacation with our families.   Ron had been partying each night at the bars in Bangkok and admitted being a bit hungover. But he looked great! Ron guy has got a beautiful smooth body, a gorgeous round bum, and a huge uncut cock that grows in to quite a big monster. Zac tells us they had fun shooting his photos and video. Lucky Ron stops to suck on Zac’s cock during the video before lying back and blowing quite a lot of cum all over himself. What a great way to spend an afternoon in Bangkok! 

  The XXX Tour 


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Paulo Cruiser Naked Boxer | LucasKazan

May 5th, 2023|

Paulo Cruiser Naked Boxer!

Paulo Cruiser  has been a boxer for four years and wants to become a world-class champion. Watch him train in the nude –with his red gloves on– and you’ll see he’s a champion already: his handsome, boyish face and his perfectly sculpted body remind me of Bill Henson. Yes, he’s this HOT!

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Nikita Wels Hot Euro Muscle Live Gay Cam Star!

May 3rd, 2023|

Nikita Wels Hot Euro Muscle

Live Muscle Cam Star!

Nikita Wels  is a hot Gay Euro Muscle hunk and a super sweet guy!.  And super popular amoung visitors to his room.  Here are just a few comments that pretty much sum up the reaction to Nikita! “BEAUTIFUL face, eyes, lips, body, cock and balls. JUST FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL!!! :)”, “Nikita is always pleasant to chat with, always says hello to me when I come to see him. I can truly say he is not only beautiful person outside, but inside. He has always been respectful of me, and it’s just a joy to talk to him about regular everyday life things. To me, it’s more special than anything sexual. And for me, he’s an amazing person, and of course, very handsome!”

Nikita Wels’s Details
Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
Cock: (7in) Uncut
Eye Color: Blue
Pubic Hair:Shaved
Height:(6ft 1in)
Hair Color: Black
Body Type: Muscular
Location: Hard Dick City)
Hair Length: Short
Orientation: Gay
Birthday:August 20th
Body Mods: Tattoo(s)
Gay Role:Versatile
Languages: English
Category: Muscle, Euro-Muscle, College Guys

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Andrey Vic Fucks Rico Marlon And Andy Star| Lucas!

May 1st, 2023|

Andrey Vic Fucks Rico Marlon & Andy Star

100% Raw!

Andrey Vic Is a young and hot muscular top with an insatiable sexual appetite, and what his boyfriend Andy Star doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Because Andy would be incredibly jealous to know that alpha-top Rico Marlon has been secretly messaging Andrey asking him to fuck his ass bareback. Andrey first grabs ahold of Rico’s head and shoves his fat uncut Russian cock down his throat. Rico isn’t used to submission, but Andrey teaches him how to behave. Rico is a fast learner: Andrey plays with his ass before mounting him and sliding his raw dick inside Rico’s ass. Andrey gives him slow and deep thrusts. He wants to be sure Rico Marlon feels every second of his bottoming experience. Andrey creams in his hole, gives him a smack on the ass, and tells him to leave before Andy shows up. Andy, meanwhile, had a stressful day and needs to relax. He accomplishes this by swallowing Andrey’s cock and taking a ride on it. These young Russian tops sure have stamina!

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