Brec Boyd Long, Lean Muscled And Inked Up

As we watched Brec Boyd cramming for his Constitutional Law course we couldn’t help but wonder: just how well endowed by his Creator is he? Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long to find out. Brec soon decides to take a much-needed break with an extended jack-off session. His long, lean torso–its muscles inked up in all the right places–is merely eye candy for what’s to come. We got distracted once Brec started teasing his hole with one hand while stroking that impressive fuck stick with the other. Not to mention the way he used that pre-cum to rub his cock back and forth against the sofa, especially when the camera moved in close for that amazing ass shot. We almost hated to see him finally spray that tasty load. Well, no matter how his exam turns out, we definitely think Brec should go to the head of the class!

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Take the XXX tour


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