Introducing Jay McQuay At Mike

Jay McQuay ‘s body is a work of art. And like any good artist, he works at his craft daily. His dedication to keeping his body in tip top condition was only one of the reasons Mike was anxious to have Jay as an exclusive Hancock model. Jay’s huge dick is another reason! Off camera, Jay is pretty shy until you get to know him. Once he’s comfortable with you, like most people, he drops his defenses. That’s when his devious side materializes. If you’re in his inner circle, watch out practical jokes.

But one thing that’s no laughing matter is his beautiful ass. Jay spends lots of time working on his legs and glutes. If you’re an ass fan, this video is for you! Besides Mike, no other male has ever given Jay’s ass a lickin’! Like most works of art, Jay’s ass is too beautiful to keep under wraps, and Mike was anxious to get Jay to open up a little and give the fans a glimpse of himself that he rarely shows. By the look of things, Mike was more than successful! Jay strokes his cock with long, slow strokes and reveals a side of himself that few get to see… his back-side, puckering hole and all! 

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