Peter Latz "Cream" At 

Do we have a gallery update for YOU this week at Manifest Men! Over 100 NEW images featuring three powerfully muscled studs. First of all there’s the legendary Zeb Atlas captured amidst the granite boulders and surreal landscape seen in his video Ocotillo. If ever there was a model whose own boulder-size muscles seem to dwarf a setting like this, it’s Zeb Atlas. Then there’s the debut of Cody Miller in our gallery. Photographer Vin Marco really captured the essence of what makes Cody Miller so eye-riveting—big beautiful muscles on a symmetrical frame and a handsome face that just draws you in to look closer. Then there’s Peter Latz. He came to them in such great shape and with the most sculpted abs possible. Someone at his live show commented that Peter Latz’ lats are so mind-blowing that they look as wide as he is tall. Peter Latz’s gallery also features a humorous twist with some sexual innuendo and boy does Peter show off his photogenic charm.  

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