COLT Summer Time Hit Brotherhood

July 31st, 2011|

COLT Presents ‘Brotherhood’

Scene 1  featuring
Tory Mason, Justin Burkshire, Danny Roddick
Kurt Wild & Dallas Reeves

Scene 2 Featuring
Kurt Wild, Justin Burkshire, Jordan Michaels

It’s hard to believe summer’s almost over and we are bringing you right back to school with a sizzling scene fromBuckshot’s Brotherhood. This is a tale of one wild night in a fraternity house where the “straight” fraternity brothers discover each others sexual secrets.

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 BrotherHood Scene 1 Action Preview clip


BrotherHood Scene 4 Action Preview clip


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Falcons Hot New Exclusive Release INDISCRETION

July 31st, 2011|

 Jesse Santa In Falcon’s Indiscretion

At The All New FalconStudios!

Knowing that he’s been an unfaithful boyfriend, Jesse Santana’s only way to deal with the guilt is to drown himself in mindless frenzied sex. He hits up his bartender buddies Colby Keller and Dylan Roberts just as they’re getting ready to open shop and with no debate, the three horndogs sneak off to a backroom to get it on. Colby and Dylan ease Jesse into a state of euphoria as they take turns sucking his engorged cock and then it becomes a frantic free-for all as the trio twist themselves into different positions so everyone can get their licks in. Then, with Jesse in the middle greedily nursing on Dylan’s cock, Colby rams him up the ass. They switch it up again with Dylan now as the center of this meaty manwich. Ready to blow, Colby, Jesse and then Dylan take turns jacking themselves off and finally shoot their loads.

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Buck Branson A Matter Of Size At PowerMen!

July 30th, 2011|


It’s Hotter Than Ever! 

Buck Branson A Matter Of Size At PowerMen!


Buck Branson is a real man who works as a security guard and uses his free time to build his muscles. While this 6’2" giant appeals to all muscle worshipers, not everybody can handle him. For that reason Buck Branson needs to take things into his own hands (literally).

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Hungarian Peter Sanger At MarkWolf

July 28th, 2011|

Hungarian Trainer Peter Sanger 

Our latest Wolffpac exclusive Peter Sanger is a personal trainer from Hungary, who Mark shot at my hotel in London this past winter. This is a raw body worship JO video, nothing fancy, just a hot stud, in his prime with a nice monsterously fat dick! Peter has a beautiful physique tiny waist, sculpted delts and washboard abs. Watch him bring that hard tool to explosive climax!


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Andy Davidson Six Five, Lean, Hairy Basket Baller

July 27th, 2011|

Hairy, Str8, Defined Andy Has A Thick, Long Uncut Erection!

At EnglishLads

Andy is a keen basketballer, standing just over 6’5 his body has kept perfectly proportioned; though one part of uncut meat is way too big for his body! A fun straight guy who warmed to the idea of stripping off and showing his lean and muscular body that is covered in quite a lot of fuzz! He enjoys a bit of teasing and who wouldn’t make you wait to see his huge uncut cock, when its soft it hangs down nearly 6 inches and it is also an impressive grower! Andy does a great job of showing off all his body and just watch his body tense and spasm as he unloads over his hairy abs! 

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Showering With Laurent At MuscleHunks

July 26th, 2011|

Showering With Laurent A MuscleHunks


Muscle puppy Laurent LeGros   is a wrestling instructor from Russia who got more and more into bodybuilding. He might look innocent, but he is not. He has the looks that impress, the expression that flirts, and the size that arouses. Don’t be fooled by those pictures only … bigger things are yet to cum. And members will enjoy it from all angles.


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Euro Pin Up Stud Ted Ruskin At BelamiOnline

July 25th, 2011|

Super Athletic Stud Ted Ruskin


This weeks Pin-Up is a super athletic and muscled stud named Ted Ruskin. Ted brings some amazing features including beautiful blue eyes, nicely muscled jock body, a big bubble ass plus a hot uncut cock! Ted was quite comfortable in front of the camera and definitely shows off a bit for us. Get to know more about Ted all week long exclusively at!

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DO NOT DISTURB Adrian Toledo and Issac Jones

July 23rd, 2011|

Do Not Disturb


Starring Issac Jones & Adrian Toledo

When Issac Jones checks into his hotel room after a long flight, and collapses on the bed, the last thing he expects to see is a naked man walk out of the shower. So after some arguing and a lot of confusion, a phone call to reception informs them that the room has been double booked but with no more rooms available they have no choice but to share the room. But once they get in bed it becomes difficult for Issac to sleep with a hot naked man sleeping next to him, and his hands slowly begin to wander, stroking Adrian’s muscular back, slowly making his way down to his hard ass. Until finally Adrian wakes up, and the two handsome strangers get intimate in a night of hot, hard fucking.


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Giacomo Mancini The Very Hunky Class Clown

July 21st, 2011|

Giacomo Mancini The Very Hunky Class Clown




   It’s Hotter Than Ever! 

Giacomo Mancini

The class clown? Just look at that face:Giacomo’s always amused by something! Wonder what it could be? Well, here’s a good guess: he’s solidly packed with hard muscle! No one he went to school with back in the day was about to mess around with the seemingly funny guy with the awesome bod! After giving us a quick flex show – including a nice view of his hard-as-steel buns – Giacomo hits the laptop keyboard to browse to a website he knows about, just to get that tool of his going. Wonder if he’s visiting In any event, whatever he’s looking at – it works! Soon enough Giacomo’s not joking anymore as he hits that hard cock with everything he’s got!

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Isaiah Young Str8 6 Pak And Warm Smile

July 20th, 2011|


Isaiah Young Str8 With 6 Pak And Warm Smile


Isaiah is a hard working kid. He has several jobs, none of which are paying a whole lot. He is very focused on staying stable and ahead of the game.  He is straight, but has a lot of gay friends, some of which recommended that he come do a video for Why make minimum wage when you look like Isaiah? He is not shy about showing off his junk, so his friends knew he was a natural exhibitionist.

We waited a bit for his pubes to grow back, and in the interim, he broke up with a girlfriend that was creating more drama in his life than he needed.  So he showed up eager to perform, and nothing but a bright future ahead of him.  Isaiah is one of those few models that truly engages the audience, and you will for sure think he is performing just for you. 

So we will just have to see how far his limits will go!

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