James Castle Submits To Alex Kof At Castle Bare | Lucas!

March 7th, 2018|

James Castle Submits To Alex Kof!

At Castle Bare!

Jonathan Harder’s time at Castle Bare is taking its toll on him. He finally understands that sex is all the count thinks of… and that cum is all he feeds on. And as Jonathan wears down, so does his inability to resist the temptations Barebackula throws at him. When Barebackula appears in Jonathan’s room one night and calls upon the demonic servants Mario Domenech and Alex Kof, Jonathan submits. Their presence compels Jonathan to strip down and give up his beautiful body. There’s no sexual act the demons don’t seduce Jonathan with. He can’t control himself — and he doesn’t want to. All the while, the demons are preparing him for their master.

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Matyas Jokai Hungarian Bombshell New Belami Model!

October 5th, 2015|

 Matyas Jokai Hungarian Bombshell!

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Matyas Jokai is a new-comer from Hungary with a nice fat, uncut dick and charming smile. Clearly he is comfortable in front of the camera and loves to show off. We get to know every inch of his nicely muscled body from every beautiful angle. He simply does not take a bad pic. Enjoy getting to know him all week long as our featured Pin-Up stud at BelAmiOnline.com.

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Big Cocked Mick Gibson Drills Connor Maguire

December 27th, 2010|

Big Cocked Mick Gibson Drills Connor Maguire


Today CircleJerkBoys.com has a special treat (or two) for you as we prepare for the Holidays.Hung hottie Connor Maguire makes his debut with us. Also making his debut with us is Indiana’s own, Mick Gibson. Mick gets the bad news that he’ll be spending Christmas Eve alone since his girlfriend won’t drive through a little snow. Ugh—women. Connor reassures him they’ll be fine without her as he coaxes Mick into getting a massage. He pulls off Mick’s shirt as they start to kiss. Connor’s hands roam all over Mick’s tattooed frame. “What do you say we open up our presents now?” asks Connor as he fumbles with Mick’s belt. He kneels to better appreciate it as he wraps his lips around Mick’s Yule log. Mick moans softly as he gets his cock worshipped. Connor then gets up to free his own throbbing cock. They jack each others dicks for a bit as they continue making out. Connor then lies back as Mick gets to work returning the favor. “Now this is a candy cane” beams Mick. Connor can only grunt as Mick starts to fuck him. AsMick fucks Connor missionary we get a great view of his compact frame. Mick then sits back on a chair and grins as he delivers his next gem, “Why don’t you come sit on the North Pole”. Seriously!—who could resist? Connor sits on that dick in a Miami minute. Mick then pushes Connor forward so that he’s bent over in front of him. He grabs Connor’s waist as he watches his thick cock disappear inside Connor’s smooth ass. “That’s a good little elf” he coos as he pounds away at him. Santa never had it so good. They both get close and lie back side by side as they jack themselves off. Connor’s the first to explode all over himself. Mick is a close second as he blasts his cream all over his happy trail.

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