Samuel O Toole And Marcus Mojo Suck This At NDB!

October 31st, 2017|

Samuel O' Toole & Marcus Mojo Once Bitten!



 We're into Vampires at NextDoorStudios style, and your hosts are Count Dracula…err,  Samuel O'Toole & Marcus Mojo. This scene will redefine the meaning of “bite me”, when Marcus gets ambushed by his buddy Samuel…But something's a bit different with Sammy today. He seems…changed! Luckily for you, the members, Samuel's sexual apatite is even stronger than normal. Maybe it was the full moon!So be prepared for a sucking, a biting and deep anal penetration! Don't worry, no porn stars were harmed( or converted into flesh eating zombies) in the making of this blood-sucking, cum-drenched sex scene.

The only thing you'll have to worry about is rubbing your dick raw! 


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Tripple Stuffed Stepfather’s Secret |!

October 30th, 2017|

Tripple Stuffed Stepfathers's Secret!

Asher Hawk | Dirk Caber | Johnny Rapid | Trevor Spade

Sizzling Hot!
Dirk Caber can't stop fucking his stepsons.  Part 8 of Stepfather's Secret escalates to a triple penetration in the most intense Jizz Orgy ever!  Dirk Caber is the first man in gay porn to successfully get three stepson cocks inside one daddy asshole!

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Nixon & Sean Bareback | SeanCody!

October 29th, 2017|

Nixon & Sean Bareback! 


Newbie stud Nixon just can’t get enough, so he’s back for some more ass!  Sean has a bit of a crush on this muscle stud. He likes everything about him, especially “his core and his arms”, and as they were throwing the football around, Sean just enjoyed the view of the hottie in front of him. “I wanna throw it to him, but I just wanna see him standing there…” Sean couldn’t wait to take Nixon on in the bedroom, and begged for more as Nixon gave him exactly that, and then some…ending with a nice facial. Nixon is definitely a keeper!


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Jamie Blyton Hungarian Stud At MENATPLAY!

October 28th, 2017|

Meet Jamie Blyton Hungarian Stud!



Menatplay has been known from Day One for finding the most stunning men in the world. Straight, gay or bi – it doesn’t matter as long as they can watch them enjoy every inch of their perfect bodies and mesmerised by their manly beauty.

In Jamie Blyton they've found a 5 Star, blond Hungarian stud, with a competition winning ripped physique, a tight firm ass, and a massive, uncut tool which he loves to show off. Jamie showcases his body for us in the shower. Then he’s ready for some classic Menatplay styling to see how hot this blue eyed stunner looks in a suit. Next up, Jamie shoots a huge load for at the cameras.

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This Czech Up Gets Intense At Badpuppy!

October 26th, 2017|

This Czech Up Gets Intense!


 All New Site!


When Dave Cargo arrives the Badpuppy Clinic for his Czech Up, Dr. Robin Valej & Nurse Rosta Benecky not only check out Dave's bum leg but also his "third leg." From there, it's an all-out suck & fuck fest with Dr. Robin warming up Nurse Rosta & patient Dave wearing him out. Enjoy!

Big Dicks, Jocks And Naked Hotties

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Tommy Poulain Hot Thick Hung Eager To Cum | Badpuppy!

October 25th, 2017|

Tommy Poulain Hot Thick Hung Eager To Cum!

 As fate would have it this hot, young man was just ripe for wanting to get naked and jerk off for the cameras. Tommy stripped down very quickly. His body is smooth and lean with just the first hints of a six-pack. It seems he enjoys being naked in front of the camera. His big very thick cock was rock hard the moment he was out of his clothes and he immediately started jerking it.

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Tomas Adamec Fucked By Monster Cock Lucas Morrison | RB!

October 24th, 2017|

Tomas Adamec Fucked Raw By Lucas Morrison's Monster Cock!

100% Raw!

Who needs Grindr when there are hot as fuck guys hanging out at the park? Tomas is sitting on a park bench minding his own business, when sexy Lucas Morrison walks by. Lucas gets a look at Tomas and decides he wants him. Lucas sits down next to Tomas and gives him a hard stare. Tomas is confused. Does he know this person? Lucas gets up and motions Tomas to follow. Finally Tomas realizes that he is being lured to fun gay fucking with this hot guy. He follows eagerly and soon they are back in Lucas’ bedroom sucking face and getting naked. Once they are fully nude they begin to suck each other off. Both have huge thick uncut cocks that they barely can fit in each other’s mouths. Tomas has a better idea. If it can’t fit in the mouth, then lets try to sit on it.

Tomas Adamec has been in the gay porn scene for years. This over 30 power bottom knows how to take a cock. His blue eyes tell the new boy to come hither. Lucas Morrison obliges. He is only 18, but this gay hunk is ready to fuck like a champ. He starts to make out with Tomas and they begin rip each other’s clothes off. Finally dicks come out. Lucas sucks off Tomas first. Then Lucas frees his monster cock from his underwear and a salivating Tomas takes it into his mouth. Then the bareback fun begins as Lucas shoves his uncut dick raw deep into Tomas’ smooth and willing hole. They fuck hard like rabbits until finally Tomas gets the jizz fucked out of him. Next Lucas pulls out and cums on Tomas’ hole and then shoves it back inside. Be sure to check out the gay best gay porn and free gay porn pics of these hot naked men here at Randy Blue Universe.

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Luis Parker Hung Blund Stud | ActiveDuty!

October 24th, 2017|

Luis Parker Hung Blond Stud!


 Hey Troops we have a special soldier today from across the globe. Luis is from Europe and while he's on leave and he decided to hang out before he heads back for more special operations. Luis is as mysterious as they come. Right now you are on a need to know basis and what you need to know is that his name is Luis, Luis Parker.Luis has a remarkable physique with amazing boyish looks. His natural tan and flowing hair will drive you crazy especially when he eye fucks the camera. He's a Euro boy in the US showing off his lovely body and sexy cock. His uncut cock is very thick. It's long fat and veiny. He licks his fingers from time to time for better traction as he strokes that fat thick cock of his. Luis has some great low hanging balls as we see just how smooth he is from underneath and from afar. The way he looks into the camera is almost breath taking as if he has caught you watching him playing with that lovely dick of his.Finally Luis stands tall over our glass table and with a few last strokes his lets his nut loose.


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Max Leider Tall Hung German New At BentlyRace!

October 23rd, 2017|

Max Leider

Tall Monster Hung German Hottie!

At BentlyRace


As you can see Zak kept myself busy while visiting Berlin. One of the guys he met really stood out. A young German Max Leider.  Max was really nervous when he can to Zak's hotel. He knew right away that they were going to hit it off and have a fun shoot. After he explained the shoot Max had no problem stripping. It was when he stood above him that he realised how dam tall his was, around 6'4"or 5.  And it turns out that he's also big in the pants! Zak could see that monster cock pushing inside his jocks waiting to be released. It's one of the thickest uncut cocks Zak had the pleasure of seeing, and later sucking on. Max Leider is a sweet guy. We hope to see more of him!



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Becumming Brothers New Site Alert | NextDoorRaw!

October 22nd, 2017|

Becumming Brothers!

Markie Moore, Derrick Dime, Bridger Watts & Rod Peterson


When freshman pals, Bridger Watts and Rod Peterson, receive invitations to pledge for the coolest fraternity on campus, they're stoked! But will NDX really offer everything they've heard about through myths and legends? Frat chairmen Markie More and Derrick Dime are showing them what really goes on behind the closed Greek Row doors.

Upon arrival at the NDX house, Markie More is super direct, telling the boys to go into the living room, strip down to their underwear, and wait for instruction. Moments later, NDX President, Derrick Dime shows up in a hooded cloak, ready to begin the pledge test. Rod and Bridger are blindfolded, so all they hear are Markie and Derrick's voices. They're instructed to hold each other's dicks, which seems very strange at first. Then, after failing to correctly answer a series of trivia questions about the ancient order of NDX, Rod and Bridger are required to lick Markie's and Derrick's asses!!! To cap off the pledge test, Derrick sticks his hungry hole up in the air and lets each guy fill it with their hot, meaty cum loads.

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