Leather Man Max Hilton Has Something To Show You!

January 31st, 2014|

 LeatherMan Max Hilton Has Something To Show You!

A MuscleHunks Exclusive! 


Daytime: Club Exterior. New MH.com Leatherman Max Hilton is standing by waiting to show you his moves. Tough, compact, built like a pit bull and ready to rumble, leather muscleman Max sees you coming and coolly appraises whether or not you're worth his time. He knows you can appreciate that masculine bubblebutt encased in leather pants. And he can see you love his ripped, razor-sharp abs. And sure, he looks forward to standing over your stupid face while he whips around that big engine of his. Before he gets started, though, you need to follow his rules. It's simple: he leads. You follow. Got it? Good. You can also go one on one with Max Hilton on Livemuscleshow.com

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Topher Di And Jeesie Colter In Silence Of The Cams!

January 26th, 2014|

Topher Di And Jeesie Colter In Silence Of The Cams!

At DominicFord.com

DominicFord.com brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

In this scene, from the highly anticipated Dominic Ford parody "The Silence of the Cams," Topher DiMaggio and Jeesie Colter have an unexpected encounter that ends in a very surprising way. You'll have to watch the movie to see how the scene truly unfolds, but for now you enjoy the hot sex these two guys have. It's intense and really hot!

Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com

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Huge In The Right Place Olly Daniels At BentleyRace!

January 23rd, 2014|

Olly Daniels 

Huge In The Right Place!

At BentlyRace


Olly Daniels is hugely popular on BentleyRace.  But his very first shoot actually happened a little before that on the rooftop Zak's inner city apartment building.  It was a very hot day and Zac and Olly were up for doing some outdoor shots, even at the risk of being spotted by office workers in the surrounding buildings.  20 year old Olly looks great in that little blue jockstrap with his blond furry bum sticking out the back. Zac took tonnes of photos of Olly as he stripped off. Olly was already rock hard before he pulled his cock out to the side. The scene was finished on the roof with Olly pouring a big bottle of water over himself to cool down. The boys then headed back to Zac's bedroom where Olly proceeded to make a fleshlight fucking video while watching a porno on Zac's bed.

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The Tour



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Colby Keller And Gabriel Clark Flipping Hot!

January 21st, 2014|

Colby Keller And Gabriel Clark Flipping Hot!

At CockyBoys!


Colby Keller and Gabriel Clark are two guys that need no introduction. After A Thing of Beauty's smashing success there isn't a single gay porn lover out there who doesn't know those two names. The sight of Colby & Gabriel tag teaming and double-stuffing JD Phoenix's tight hole with their giant dicks is a scene that was nothing short of epic!

These are two guys that fuck like absolute animals, so how to we divvy up the action between two master tops? A flip-fuck of course! Colby and Gabriel's chemistry is on fire for this scene– totally into the action and loving every minute of it. Who woulda thought Colby could ride Gabriel's rod so expertly! And Gabriel fucking the cum out of Colby— it's a moment that you have to see for yourself!

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Long Tall Sexy Wesley At Chaosmen

January 19th, 2014|


Wesley At Chaosmen.com


Wesley is 19 and married already.  Sounds like things are already rocky between them, so in addition to his full-time job, he is willing to do some adult work to help ends meet.

He and his wife used to do cam shows together, and we think he did solo stuff too. Don't ask where or what his stage name was, Bryan never got it from him. Not even sure he is doing it still because the burn out time on doing that kind of work is pretty fast…. so he now has agreed to do some guy on guy work!  Stay tuned we will see more of Wesley!

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Leo Nino Sabrini A Quiet Corner Of Heaven!

January 18th, 2014|

Leo Nino Sabrini A Quiet Corner Of Heaven 

At PowerMen.com!



   It’s Hotter Than Ever! 

Nino Sabrini

 Nino Sabrini looks like a modest, unassuming guy, always with a peaceful, even beatific expression on his face. With that long hair, you'd think he's probably stoned – but this is most definitely not the body of a stoner! Your first clue as to what Nino is packing has to be those broad lats and that tight butt, but hoo boy: even your highest expectations will be exceeded when Nino strips down! Nino's all ripped and proportioned muscle, with solid, rocky abs, and a love machine that never quits! If this is beatitude, then light a candle in the window for Nino tonight!

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Uber Hottie Jan Lak Update & New XXX Clip!

January 18th, 2014|

Uber Euro Hottie Jan Lak 

On Czechboys.com

We have featured Jan Lak before.  Now we have a clip for you!  We'll take advantage of any opportunity to bring this hottie out.   As you can see Jan is a simply gorgeous guy. He's around 25 yrs old. He has one of the most flawless bodies of any model we've seen anywhere. If you like hot, hung, naked Euro muscle guys and lovely uncut cocks this is a great site for you. It's guaranteed to please! 

Sign: Scorpio
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175
Biceps: 14"
Chest: 41"
Stomach: 31"
Foot: 10.5"
Dick: 7.5"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Salesman
Hobbies: Sports
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Movie: Jackass
Place of Birth: Ostrava
Favorite Music: Rock Music
Turn offs: Boring people
Turn ons: Spontineity
Goal In Life: To succeed
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual 

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Jorge Alvarez Latin Muscle At ManAvenue!

January 15th, 2014|

Jorge Alvarez Hot Horny Latin Muscle

At ManAvenue

Jorge is one hot and horny Latino who is rightfully proud of his body and loves showing off. We had to convince him to let his natural body hair grow in a bit, but it was well worth the wait. Watch him in this week's update as he hangs out for a while stroking his big dick for us. He knows what we like so he puts on a little routine showing off his biceps and triceps while his dick is rock hard. It doesn't take this horned up dude long to blow his load….and what a load it is! He even laughs after he cums because he knew what a mess he had made.  Catch the very last of the video when he's walking away. The camera guy was on the floor capturing that last bit of cum drip from his cock as he was walking to the shower.

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The Game 5 Man Muscle Sex Extravaganza!

January 14th, 2014|

The Game 5 Man Muscle Extravaganza!





Menatplay announces a 5-man muscle, fuck extravaganza. Jake Genesis is not happy with his team's performance on the field and has a few words for them, but the guys are totally fed up of hearing his lectures and they decide that its time to turn the tables on the bossy manager and teach him a lesson. Together Samuel, Issac, Wilfried and Morgan overpower Jake and rip off his expensive suit piece by piece, leaving him naked and completely helpless to the guys’ abuse. The team pin him down and hold his legs up as one by one, each of the players takes turn in fucking their bosses tight ass while the others shut him up by feeding him their hard dicks. Its a testosterone-fuelled fuck-fest with Jake getting pounded by the four hard dicks. And despite Jake’s protests they’re not about to stop, its payback time for the team and they wont stop until they leave Jake’s ass well and truly fucked. And just to make sure the manager doesn’t forget this lesson in humility they shoot their big loads all over his hairy, muscular chest, leaving him a wet sticky mess on the locker-room bench.

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Billy Cole And Adam Soulska COLTstudios!

January 13th, 2014|

Billy Cole And Adam Soulska

Show Offs



A couple of hot and horny guys with big cocks, hard muscled bodies and sex on their minds.  Billy Cole and Adam Soulska get together for a bit of naked fun.  Billy hits his knees and unleashes Adam's hard and huge uncut dick, slurping and sucking down every last juicy inch.  Adam returns the favor and finds Billy's thick uncut cock just as big and tasty.  With his cock nice and wet, Billy turns his attention toward Adam's sexy round bottom.  Getting Adam on his back, Billy slides his monster deep inside.  Adam turns over and takes that long pole from behind as Billy drills deeper and deeper.  Ready to bust, Billy pulls out and shoots a thick and steamy load of cum high on Adam's arched  back. Adam flips over and lets loose his own load – Shooting an impressive shot high up on his own chest.


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