Enzo Bloom Hard Naked Pool Perfection ManAvenue!

November 15th, 2013|

Enzo Bloom Hard Naked Pool Perfection!

At ManAvenue


Check out this hot newcummer  Enzo Bloom is hard and naked –  working out a bit before jumping in the pool to cool off. He bounces in and out of the water and his dick gets harder and harder with each bounce.  Before long, Enzo jumps up on the side of the pool with a full boner.  He sits back and pulls on his long penis before standing up.

After he gets up, he begins to walk across the pool deck with his hard dick pointing straight out in front of him.  As if that weren't enough to blow your jizz, he then starts stretching his long, lean frame and his cock stays at full attention the entire time.  Enzo gets in the pool again to cool down before some hot stroking and cum blowing.  Get your hardon with Enzo Bloom!


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Dolph Jacks His Super Hung Cousin Roger At Belami!

November 11th, 2013|

Watch Dolph And Roger Cousins Jack Each Other!

At BelamiOnline.com


Did you know that these two hotties are cousins?  Well you're in for a treat because here you see  a combination that everyone has been requesting, Dolph & Roger Lambert. This episode definitely features a very sensual connection between the two cousins as Dolph helps his younger cousin Roger out with his giant hard cock. Stay tuned for an even hotter Part 2.

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   You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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Jamie W Str8 Young British Hunk !

November 10th, 2013|

Jamie W Str8 Young British Hunk

At BlakeMason

Jamie W
Job: Personal Trainer
Age: 20
Orientation: Straight
Role: N/A
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9
Waist: 30
Size: 7.5 inches
Cut/Uncut: Cut
Build: Defined
Body Hair: Smooth
Pubic Hair: Natural 

Straight, young, hung and handsome. That pretty much sums up this super hot smooth hunk of a guy. Twenty year old Jamie comes from London where he lives with his girlfriend and young son! Jamie is an exhibitionist who has always wanted to get his kilt off for the cameras so with his girlfriend thinking he was off on his day job as a personal trainer, he made his way down to the park where we were waiting lol!

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Workin Out With The Twins At FratmenSucks

November 10th, 2013|

Working Out With The Twins!

Exclusively On


You Asked For It!

We Knew They Did It!

Sizzling Hot New Site!

It's getting hot in the gym this week! After a few duos, Trent is ready to double down with stunning twin brothers Ajay and Micky.

Fratmen Ajay and Trent know that a workout is always better when you have a committed workout buddy. They both have the tight, ripped, muscular bodies to prove that! When Ajay's twin brother Micky was in town, we couldn't resist putting them together for another amazing gym experience. Ajay, Micky, and Trent begin with a very casual workout in the nude. These guys are so comfortable around each other, they don't mind a little naked company. It isn't long though, before Mick and Ajay pounce on the opportunity to give Trent a hot rub down. Taking extra care not to miss any part of Trent's body, Ajay and Micky take turns caressing everything and sucking Trent's fat cock. Watching this, you'll wish you could take his place! Trent, being the Fratmen he is, returns the favor, and it isn't long before these studs are stroking 3 amazing cocks together. The resulting cumshots are amazing, and Trent seals the afternoon with a gentle kis


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Are You Ready For Santi Aragon At MuscleGallery

November 9th, 2013|

Get Ready For Santi Aragon


At MuscleGallery!

Santi Aragon works as a fitness model, body builder and personal trainer. Currently living and going to school in South Florida, Santi's amazing conditioning and solid muscularity are matched by his ease and comfort in front of the camera. His ambition is to turn pro – and we're sure with his positive attitude and discipline that he will reach his goal. Members can enjoy 17 video clips of Santi at the gym, on the beach and in an extended photo shoot in Miami.

What Is MuscleGallery.com

MuscleGallery has been a constant enrichment for the fans of bodybuilders and male muscle models worldwide. Unlike others, MG.com travels the world to find you the most exceptional athletes, currently representing 40 different nations. Many World Champions, IFBB Pro Bodybuilders and magazine cover models are first seen spectacular location shots throughout the world. MuscleGallery.com doesn’t sign just any athlete; only the best are good enough. MG’s members can enjoy an enormous library of original and unique video clips in all formats and spectacular image galleries.

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Davis Athletic CorbinFisher Uber Hottie!

November 8th, 2013|

Davis Athletic CorbinFisher Uber Hottie!

At CorbinFisher!


Davis is a super hot new freshman with a great body and some amazing eyes>  Davis is extremely athletic. He's loves to snowboard, but also wrestles, plays football and baseball. 


AGE 20
WAIST 32  EYES Green
HEIGHT 5' 8"  WEIGHT 168 lbs
HAIR Brown BUILD Athletic
COCK 7.5" Cut  SHOE 10.5

Davis was 16 the first time he had sex, when he fell for a German foreign exchange student. He likes doggy style the best, and laughs saying he doesn't really have a “signature move.” Davis' has a beautiful butt, great legs and a defined, tight torso with just a little bit of a treasure trail. Every inch of him is covered in delicious muscle and we need to see one special muscle in action!

Davis sits down and strokes his cock. It stiffens instantly and he rubs his muscular chest as he jerks off. Davis leans on one side and strokes and that long cock sticks out so far, it could almost poke an eye out. When Davis bends over and shows off that incredible butt, you'll see it's just begging to get fucked. I hope we can do something about that!

Davis strokes his cock faster, his arms and chest glowing in the afternoon sun through the window. He blasts a huge load that splatters all over his tight abs. We hope to see this handsome stud in action soon!

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Boomer Banks Tames Marcus Isaacs TimberWolves!!

November 7th, 2013|

Marcus Isaacs & Boome Banks

Built Tough!



Marcus Isaacs is so distracted by the bulge in Boomer Banks' jeans that he can't concentrate on the pool game. Every time he blinks, he sees Boomer naked. Is this some supernatural sexual trick? Rather than wait to see who sinks the 8-ball, Marcus suggests they 'get out of here.' Their ferocious sexual appetite lands them in a hot tub, necking hungrily. Both men are bearded and hairy, and they have heavily inked olive-skinned. Being the first to get naked, Marcus is the first to get his cock sucked. Boomer is one of the biggest-dicked performers of all time, topping out at over 10 fat uncut inches. Marcus nearly chokes himself trying to swallow it all, and he succeeds in making most of it disappear. His hairy hole longs for Boomers cock. When Boomer delivers it, Marcus eyes bug out and his jaw drops … and they stay that way through an intense fuck until Marcus spurts jets of jism across his torso. Boomer licks up all the spooge and shoots his own load in Marcus' mouth, then they swap cummy kisses.

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