Ruslan Dbl Fucked By Alejandro Castillo & Adam Killian|Lucas!

February 27th, 2022|

Alejandro Castillo & Adam Killian Double Fuck Ruslan Angelo

100% Raw!

Alejandro Castillo makes his long-awaited return to Lucas Entertainment, and he has a new haircut to show off to his fuck buddies Adam Killian and bottom bitch Ruslan Angelo. What’s not new is Alejandro’s raging hard-on: he’s always ready to fuck, and he brings that sexual charisma to his encounter with Adam and Ruslan. Adam helps himself to eating out Ruslan’s ass while Alejandro gets his dick sucked. When Ruslan is lathered and ready, both Alejandro Castillo and Adam Killian squeeze deep inside Ruslan Angelo’s ass!

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Man fire Island bareback orgy | Lucas!

February 25th, 2022|

Fire Island Sex Party

100% Raw!

As soon as the Lucas Men landed on the shores of Fire Island, the testosterone was pumping and ready to explode. And when they got their hands all over each other at the Meat Rack of Fire Island, all bets were off. All-star gay porn models Max Adonis, Manuel Skye, Drake Masters, Ruslan Angelo, Jackson Radiz, Shane Jackson, Max Arion, Ian Frost, Alexander Volkov, Drew Dixon, and Andrey Vic tear off their clothes and into each other as they get sweaty and soaked in cum together!

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Austin Wolf Probes Armon Rizzo | HotHouse!

February 21st, 2022|

Austin Wolf Probes Armond Rizzo s

Internal Specialists!

New patient Armond Rizzo makes his first visit to Dr. Austin Wolf’s office.  Austin Wolf’s, powerful, muscular physique is impossible to ignore.  The routine physical begins as Dr. Wolf removes Armond’s shirt to take his vitals, which also gives Dr. Wolf the chance to admire Armond’s ripped body. As Dr. Wolf takes Armond’s temperature, Armond slyly reaches down and fondles Dr. Wolf’s massive bulge, and things really heat up!



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Rocking Hot USARMY Wildly 3 D Animated New Site!

February 17th, 2022|

USARMY Wildly 3 D Animated New Site

New Site Alert!

 Only real men with huge dicks serve in this exclusive 3 d animated army.  If you lilke gay animated fantasy muscle and huge cock art you will love this new site.

 These are just a sample of the hot gay art you’ll find


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Dani Robles BB Bottoms For Rico Marlon | Lucas!

February 16th, 2022|

Dani Robles BB Bottoms For Rico Marlon

100% Raw!

When Dani Robles was invited to the March production in Spain to film his bareback premiere, he wanted to be paired up with a gorgeous top that was hung like a horse. The production team didn’t have to look far for the perfect match: Lucas Entertainment’s exclusive model Rico Marlon was an idea choose to fuck Dani in the ass raw for the first time. Dani loves sucking on a beautiful dick — feeling it throb and pump in his mouth lets him know he’s doing his job to well to please his top. Dani shows his true bottoming skills by bouncing on Rico’s dick, which takes a lot of effort due to Rico’s enormous girth.

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Jack Andy, Nate Stetson Pool Room Fuck | GayRoom!

February 13th, 2022|

Jack Andy & Nate Stetson Pool Room Fuck!

Horny daddy gets his dick sucked by his sexy billiards partner then bends him over for a hot, spontaneous fuck.


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Brad Hunter Shows Off His XL Package | Bentleyrace!

February 9th, 2022|

Brad Hunter Shows Off His XL Package!


Meet Brad Hunter! This skinny sexy guy come from the southern suburbs of Melbourne. He wrote Ben late last year about doing some modelling for BR. Since he looked pretty cute Ben decided to bring him in for a studio shoot. We are so glad he did because Brad is super cute, really fit, and really hung! When that big dick dropped out of his shorts when he was changing for the shoot it kinda surprised Ben. Such a big dick on this little guy. But first a little bit about Brad. Like a bunch of the BR mates, Brad has a girlfriend. But that’s not going to stop him from playing with guys too. His dick was already getting hard before he pulled it out of his jocks for this shoot. Ben was surprised again when he saw it grow and grow. We also learned that Brad likes his bum getting a lot of attention. And in his first video he actually gets off while Ben is fingering his hole. HOT stuff!  Brad is a big cummer as you will see as cum begins to gush out across his belly.  We definitely want to see more of Brad!!  Word is that will happen!





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Raphael Nyon & Marcel Gassion Works Of Art | Belami!

February 7th, 2022|

Raphael Nyon & Marcel Gassion

Works Of Art!


Belami’s Happy New year boys are Marcel Gassion and Raphael Nyon. This is a shoot that was from the summer at the Castello KinkyAngelo and comes to us from the lens of Rick Day.  For this shoot Rick made use of many of the outdoor spaces, and the guys always seem to be on the move from one spot to another. While not an obvious pairing to make, we must say that they look GREAT together.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!

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Kris Cums Early For Jon Kael | Belami!

February 5th, 2022|

Kris Evans Cums Early For Jon Kael!


Kris comes (cums) early for us and for Jon Kael, as he sets about massaging all the stiffness out of Kris Evan’s shoulders.  This is one of Kris’s later scenes and you can see that he is much more relaxed and at ease with giving and receiving pleasure with his partners. Jon proves to be a perfect partner for him, with his admiration of his physique and his eagerness to please. This is no hold barred sex between 2 men with both guys enjoying every minute of the fucking.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!

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