Hairy Hunk Paddy O Brian Shows Off in the CA Sun!

January 23rd, 2013|

Hairy Muscular Brit Paddy O’Brian Shows Off

In The California Sun!

A hot summer day leaves few options but to strip down and find ways to cool off. Drawn to the pool, muscled stud Paddy O’Brian floats along above the cool water. His well-oiled muscles gleam in the hot sun as his soaked bathing suit clings to his ample bulge.

Stepping out of the pool, Paddy strips down further, reaching in his tight fitting suit he unleashes his thick, meaty cock. Already hard and throbbing, Paddy strokes his big dick as the cool water drips down his naturally hairy, naked body. Back in the water, Paddy lays back in his pool lounger and strokes with a growing urgency. His hairy torso glistens and his muscles flex as he works a hot load to the surface. Hot streams of white cum shoot from his swollen cock as Paddy milks every last drop of his hot load.


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El Maximus Cant Cum Soon Enough ExtraBigDicks!

January 22nd, 2013|

El Maximus Can’t Cum Soon Enough 

 At ExtraBigDicks


To kick off A New Year we’ve got a HUGE surprise for you. Chicago born hottie, El Maximus, is here to make the Windy City proud. El Maximus is in the kitchen talking to his girl on the phone. The sound of her voice gets his dick stirring as he slides his hand into his pants to get some relief. He peels off his tee, showing off his smooth, defined chest and abs. His skin, a cinnamon toned canvas, ripples atop his naturally toned frame. When he drops his jeans you can’t help but see the outline of thepython he’s packing as it snakes down the side of his tight boxer briefs. He loses the boxers as his massive cock flops out. He has a thick uncut cock that he keeps trimmed and tidy. It seems to grow by the second as he strokes his meat. El Maximus then sits up on the counter and strokes that dick giving it the attention it needs. Chicago never looked so hot!

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Dripping Wet 4 Johnny Ryder And Paddy O Brian!

January 19th, 2013|


Dripping Wet 4 

Johnny Ryder And Paddy O'Brian

Falcon Studios 


The exquisite Paddy O’Brian is dangling his feet in the pool, but it’s not likely to cool himoff, because there’s a hot guy between his legs. Johnny Ryder is nibbling Paddy’s lips, like amer-man from the deep who rose to find 180 pounds of muscle that needs a closerinspection at the edge of his world. Zing go the strings of Paddy’s swimsuit when the inspection takes a turn. Johnny hooks the waistband of Paddy’s trunks under his balls,causing them to lift and separate as the fat shaft above them sinks into Johnny’s throat. When no part of Paddy’s hefty equipment is left unsucked, he rolls back and spreads hischeeks for Johnny’s tongue to sample the depths of a hairy crack. They choose dry land forfucking, and Johnny’s smooth, tan buns get split by Paddy’s monster meat. Sweat breaks outin rivulets that follow the contours of their flesh, pooling in the hollow of Johnny’s throatand curling around the hairs between Paddy’s pecs. On the cusp of exhaustion from suchintense fucking, they jerk out well-earned loads.

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Joro Welsh Muscle In Grey Flannel Suit MuscleHunks!

January 12th, 2013|


Joro Welsh Muscleman In Grey Flannel Suit!



For those who like their tasty musclemen decked out like Daddy on the job (or at the commuter train station, ready to be picked up from a hard day’s work by a dutiful son), check out Mr. Joro Welsh, Sr. VP of Suited Muscles, Inc. The debut of Joro shows the guy at his desk taking a short respite from all those spreadsheets and working on a little PowerPoint presentation of his own. So let’s all take a latte break, sit back, and revel in the benefits of pleasure before business.



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Twelve XXX Sites For The Price Of One!

January 10th, 2013|

Twelve XXX Sites For The Price Of One

Well another week of shooting has come to a conclusion, and now, in the final throes of the weekend, Cody Cummings & Crissy Moon are relaxing and winding down, recuperating from the worn out week. But Crissy is not quite satisfied and cannot seem to get enough of Cody’s dick. It seems she’s angling for one more roll in the sack before the week concludes. And as a bonus, they have decided to invite Marko Lebeau along for the ride. Watch as the three of them spend what little they have left, fucking & sucking in a 3 way rotation that ends in a double shot of sticky mess all over Crissy’s moon.

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Gustavo Diaz Cools Down And Exposes A Big Deal!

January 6th, 2013|

Gustavo Diaz Cools Down And Exposes A Big Deal!



As the heatwave continues across Australia the guys are all getting their gear off to keep cool. Our mate Gustavo Diaz likes to keep cool by getting naked.  Our new Spanish mate is a visiting student. He said he loves Australia and hopes to stay there.  Gustavo loves to show off on camera and today’s steaming hot day was perfect to get naked outside. Starting in some soccer gear and a jockstrap Gustavo proceeds to slowly strip down.  He teases us by shoving that soccer ball in his crotch to hide his growing uncut cock. It’s easy to notice that it’s quite thick too as he takes the ball away. Eventually he gets totally naked and cools down by pouring water over himself.  A delightful fantasy cums true!


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From The Vault Woofy Weston Big Boy At Active Duty!

January 5th, 2013|

From The Vault Woofy Weston Big Boy!


Weston is no exception to the original "long lost" nature of Active Duty’s famous War Chest, as they filmed this strapping young stud back in December of 2011. Lord only knows why they kept this hunky 23 year old to themselves for so long. Weston’s a cute, beefy fella with a big rod. He stands 6′ tall and weighs 195 lbs. He’s from Colorado and enjoys snowboarding, which may have something to do with his first time having sex, a story he shares with us. Just wait until you see the crazy massive load he shoots in his solo debut! It goes up to his neck and then back over his head!


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Phenix Saint Flips With Muscle Stud Angelo!

January 4th, 2013|

Phenix Saint Flips With Muscle Stud Angelo! 

At Cocksuremen


Phenix Saint and Angelo have astounding, muscular physiques. Phenix quickly strips muscle-stud Angelo out of his clothes. Angelo’s pouty lips pucker as Phenix swallows his thick, uncut cock. Angelo grows inside Phenix’s talented mouth until he’s rock-hard at his full, impressive mass. Phenix drops his pants revealing his sweet, sexy ass and beautiful dick. Angelo drops to his knees and sucks Phenix down to his balls. Both stallions are horny as hell and are ready to flip fuck! Phenix is the first to spread his cheeks and take Angelo’s thick meat. "You’re splitting me in half!" Phenix screams as Angelo stuffs him from behind. Payback time and Phenix lays back on the bed so Angelo can sit his bubble-butt down on his hard cock. Phenix continues to throttle Angelo’s sweet hole until Angelo sprays his sweet load onto his own stomach. Phenix Saint adds to the mess, cuming onto Angelo’s cock and abs. 


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Pierce Thermo Nuclear Hottie At ManAvenue!

January 4th, 2013|

Pierce Thermo Nuclear Hottie


Pierce is a tall, fair-skinned muscle guy who was a referral from a friend of the site. When the guys first met him and he dropped his jeans, they weren’t sure whether to film him or suck his pretty dick.  Pierce is all about his big arms. Barely fitting into his t-shirt. Same with the jeans.  Just take your clothes off, get your dick hard, smile for the camera, pose, flex, cum lol.   It’s time for you to get naked, stroke your dick looking at Pierce and spew a huge load like he does at the end of this vid. Have fun !!!  

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