Vito Gallo And Dylan Hauser Take It Like A Man!

Intimately Sizzling!


Vito Gallo is known for one thing at the studio of Lucas Entertainment, and that’s what’s hanging between his legs. And if Dylan Hauser — who is new to the studio — knows what’s good for him, he’ll be able to take it like a man! After their interview, the guys start making out and unzipping. When Dylan gets a look at Vito’s huge cock, he’s startled at first.  How do we know Vito approves of Dylan’s oral skills? There’s plenty of gasping and moaning — it looks like Dylan knows what he’s doing! Vito shows Dylan’s cock some attention too, but it’s Dylan who wants to be in the role of servicer. Vito preps the Lucas Entertainment newcomer with a rimjob before rolling on a condom and laying Dylan out on his back. Grabbing the bottom’s ankles and sliding in, Vito doesn’t bother taking it easy. Dylan face crunches up as he moans and groans. 


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