(DM) realizes we as Gay men want sex. We also want more. It’s a fact. How do we find it? Where do we find it? Can we find both in the same place? Yes finally there is a site that makes that possible.

Are you ready for a new approach to dating, romance, making friends, even hooking up online?  Some say gay men and gay sites have lost touch with the idea of intimacy.  Ever wonder about that?  Sex now is great but what about those who want more. What affect has the preponderance of hookup sites and even porn had on the idea of dating.  Is it still even possible you ask?  One thing we believe at DM is that the internet must change and adapt to the complex needs of  gay men which clearly include more than just sex and porn.  At DM this means creating a place and a vibration of acceptance that encourages friendship, health and honest interaction for men of all ages from around the world.  

DM is designed to give Gay and Bi men of all ages around the world clear options for finding either Sex or Love in the same site. They  guarantee you a fresh approach to hooking up and serious dating with easy and clean functionality. Members’ interests and feedback rule at DM and so does their fanatical customer support.


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