Alex Andrews Hot Mountain Dude


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Alex Andrews is a hot mountain boy who loves to snowboard. Thankfully, we have him indoors where we can appreciate what he is wearing underneath all of those clothes. With a cheerful smile and golden locks, Alex is the all-American type of 21 year old that probably inspires lots of attention whenever he enters the room. Alex strips down and gets his cock hard in no time flat, and then proceeds to stroke it gently as he works himself up into the ultimate self-pleasuring experience. Alex rubs hit legs, chest and butt as he jerks off, and after a few minutes he sits down to get a little more comfortable. Alex has a nice rod and set of balls, and he really enjoys showing off his package for the camera. Luckily, he also enjoys flipping onto his knees and showing off his hot ass as well. Alex rubs his butt-cheeks as he strokes it, and before you know it he is ready to bust. He rolls over onto his back and lets off a huge white creamy load just for us. Hot solo!

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