Avi Dar And Edin Sol In Lucky Fuck

A Classic Flashback!



Accidents happen: worked-out Israeli hunk Avi Dar is strutting down 39th Street, making a dildo delivery to Lucas Entertainment, when he and lean biker Edin Sol collide on the street corner. The toys go flying, and Edin helps Avi gather the stray dildos up; Avi then makes an offer that Edin can’t resist. “ I work for a porn company. Want to come see the office?” Forget the office: Avi leads Edin into the gay porn studio, wraps his arms around Edin’s toned torso, and begins smothering him with kisses. When their clothes come off, Edin’s slim frame is perfectly matched with Avi’s hunky, muscled physique. Avi turns Edin around, pecking his ass cheeks, and then buries his mouth in between, eating out his ass. The rimming turns into oral sex — Avi flexes his body as Edin slurps on and slobbers all over his cock.  Edin’s ass is the prize, and Avi’s powerful body shows the hungry bottom no mercy as he submits his ass to Avi’s thrusts. Avi pounds his cock deep inside Edin, hammering him as he moans in pleasure!

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