Battle Of The Pledges At The Fratpad

Now at the FratPad this week we have the Battle of the Pledges, which will be held During FratPad Friday. This will be both Taj and Cole’s initiations into the Sexy Fraternity of Fratmen. This will be the First ever Dual Initiation, these circumstances should make this very interesting.

Also, our insider at the PAD has told me that the Antics-Cam has gone missing every now and then and he tells us that The Guys have been leaving behind some really hot and steamy footage.

We think that they may have forgotten to delete it off the camera but hey on the other hand maybe they want it to be found, so we plan on posting this voyeur footage, it will be posted sometime in the near future.

Also we the New Fratpad Season starts January 4th, and there will be more to tell you as this season comes to a close in four weeks. Don’t forget to check out the most recent shots of all the guys at the PAD.

Click here to take the XXX tour

Click here to take the XXX tour

In case you missed them Meet Taj And Cole 


Introducing Super Hottie Taj At – Stay Tuned For Much More!

Taj is the newest member of the fraternity and as you can see he is "all that" and more.  Taj is tall, silky smooth, muscular and hung like a horse. He’s handsome and sexy with a great smile.  We hope to see much more of Taj!  

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And New Fratpad Pledge Cole

Introducing A Full Solo For Fratman Cole At

Cole is a total hunk! WOW. He’s a huge hit on the site. Members are going nuts for him. That’s very easy to see hwy eh.  It’s hard to say what’s hotter.. Cole’s hairy ass or his HUGE thick dick or the stunningly beautiful eyes. Either way, Cole is going to be joining the gang also for live shows soon and we’ll see if we can get more from him out here for you to see… He’s a really special guy.  Enjoy! 

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