Big Dick Club Backtracks To Marco and Jay

Big Dick Club V1


In this first installment of BIG Dick Club, we backtrack to the enormous cocks of Marco Blaze and Jay. This behind the scenes look at both of these models gives you an up close and personal look at why we chose them as first members. We still recall the day Marco Blaze unloaded his fat, ginormous dick in front of us. It was all we could do to keep our mouths closed when he pulled it from his shorts. It really is a sight to behold. And Jay, Jay, Jay. He did his shoot after work one day….unzipped his trousers and flopped that big thing around. It was so fucking huge, it hung half way down to his knees.  This raw footage will make your own cocks swell with man juice when these two muscle expose their man TOOLS in this BIG Dick Club V1.


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