Big Ole Confident Str8 Dude Cort At! 

Cort  has all kinds of financial and commercial projects and business, but we think he has a divorce thang going, so cash flow has been frozen. He is another guy that Bryan wanted to get in right away, so once again, we are left again without pubes. A former body-builder, he still has all that mass from years of training…and tanning!

Cort thought the photos and the video would be a piece a cake, but as soon as Bryan started taking pictures, his big ‘ole cock wouldn’t stand up for him. That of course made him more nervous, and instead of getting some awesome exhibitionism, he spends a lot of time focusing on the TV to keep himself going.

Bryan even left the audio on, albeit very quiet, for Cort’s cumshot . One upshot is he spends a lot of time playing with his butthole and he even fingers himself when he is trying to nut. Love it when straight guys do that. His confidence in performing in front of the camera was a little shaken, but we think he could actually do an Edge video. We might not get all the crazy fantasy footage, but it would be hot to see him tied up in the chair!


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