Brenden Cage tops COLT Man Aaron Cage!

As a new cummer to the COLT Stable of men, hard and hairy COLT Man Aaron Cage is shown a warm welcome when a sundrenched Brenden Cage invites him to come rub some sunscreen on his back. Rubbing a thick and creamy white lotion all over Brenden’s well muscled back makes both men very horny. Brenden turns over for a little lotion on the front helps himself to a handful Aaron’s meaty cock that has slipped out from his tight pair of cut offs.

Soon enough these guys are deep into each other, sucking each other’s hard cocks and enjoying the full on skin on skin contact. Brenden’s smooth muscled build and Aaron’s hairy pelt mesh in a flesh-fantasy of hot cock worship and dedicated ass eating.

Brenden really “breaks in” the new guy when he drills Aaron’s muscled man ass. Aaron takes it like a real man, letting that cock drive deep into him from behind grunting with pleasure as he gets fucks hard. Showing us what a real ass pounding looks like, Aaron gets up on top, driving his ass up and down on Brenden’s thick cock. Brenden jacks off his hairy fuck buddy as Aaron goes wild riding that cock. Brenden gets so hot watching a real man ride his dick, he can’t hold back any longer. With a loud groan he soaks Aaron is hot burst of cum. Feeling Brenden’s hot jizz spray on his chest sends Aaron over the edge as he lets loose his own cum gushing load.

Brendan Cage

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