Bret Myers Stunning Muscle Hunk Now Live

Brett Myers is a stunning muscle hunk spawned straight out of east Texas. He has a curious look about him, which is no doubt attributed to his genetic map; his mother is from Hawaii and his father is from Venezuela. This mixture gives him a stunning beauty and a delightful skin tone. Brett has been training for many years and he plans to take this bodybuilding career as far as he can. This muscle hunk loves to compete and enters whatever bodybuilding contests he can find; he has had some success too. However, Brett isn’t just purely muscle you know, he’s also a professional dancer and has worked in numerous productions. This part of his life, much like his bodybuilding, helps him travel and meet different, like minded people and those who appreciate a finely tuned, well sculpted body. Brett works hard every day to achieve his goals and maintain his awesome muscularity. Livemuscleshow is pleased to have him on board and wishes him all the success in the future.

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