Introducing Chase from

Chase is a 25 year old who, within 48 hours of arriving in Florida, arrived at the studio. As soon as they saw that nine inch plus, wrist thick slab of cock between his legs, the only thing they could say is, “What took you so long?”. Chase told the guys with a smile, while patting the lump in his jeans that was already growing restless to come out and play, “If the guy is bigger than me, I bottom, but if I am bigger, I am the top – which means I am almost always the top.” HURRAH at last an admitedly GAY adult model!  Love it! Chase is a guy who loves sex, jacks off at least twice a day if not more, and loves to be watched. This is most definitely the right guy in the right place, and as for the right time to get the show started, that began the second he walked in the door.

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