Cody Miller Now Live On!

When LMS discovered Cody Miller, he was already a seductive muscle pup. At 22, he’s become a star. And no wonder! He’s fresh, young and ambitious, a big boy on his way to being huge. And does he love to work on it.

They first encountered Cody at a major bodybuilding show and immediately wanted to meet him. He was delighted. “Sure, I’m working on it,” he said. “All the time! I want to be freaky, man!” He’s well on his way. Handsome, charming and incredibly built, this black-eyed hunk of manflesh is one to watch and admire. He knows how to show off, whether in front of a crowd on a bodybuilding stage or in an intimate, one-on-one setting. He may be young, but he’s not shy: Once he gets to know you, he can be very, very friendly.

So don’t be intimidated by his good looks or serious stare. He knows how to have fun. Cody loves to pose, and he loves to have all of that hard work admired. His biggest turn-on is having an audience admire him while he shows off. So don’t be afraid to tell him how great he looks. What do you think all of that hard work is for?

Click here to see chek out Cody live now

Click here to see Cody live now


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