Damone Danilo On RandyBlue.com

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Damone Danilo.  Damon has not only managed to keep up his rock hard muscular body but he’s even surpassed it. This is the kind of body that inspires sculptors to create their best works of art. Every inch of Damone is perfection, from his bulging biceps and washboard abs down to a pair of legs that are thick like tree trucks. And as if this wasn’t enough, he drops his sorts and lets loose a monster of a cock that you swear is going to land on the floor with a loud thud. And to watch him lift those heavy weights is a thing of beauty. You can truely tell how hard he works to get this body. Then, when he stops pumping iron and moves over to pump his big thick dick he gives himself a whole different kind of workout. He works his manmeat with all the skill of a detailed workout, making sure to get every ounce of pleasure from every movement, working up a sweat and making his whole body look even hotter. And when he shoots his load all over his beautiful buff body you’ll be ready to head to the showers yourself.

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