Dane King Ten Inches And Counting

Dane King and Ivo Rocchi


One of the hottest videos to date has to be the hook up between Dane King and Ivo Rocchi. Ivo had told me about his big dicked mate some time ago and when we finally got to meet I was really surprised. Dane is extremely sexy and gets playful on camera with Ivo as they warm up to a long fucking session. The guys joke around with each other a little before Dane slides the full length of his long cock into Ivo. Dane is a dancer and has no trouble lifting Ivo up while standing and fucking him in mid air. And Dane at this point is just warming up! Dane has got some serious cock on him and knows how to use it. Check out Dane’s photo gallery and long raw fucking session with Ivo now at BentleyRace.com. Just one of the hundreds of videos I have shot with my mates here in Australia.



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