Drew Being Serviced At ChaosMen.com

On one hand Bryan was surprised that Drew was willing to get blown by a dude. He’s a tough guy who is always scrapping for a fight, both in and out of the ring. On the other hand, he’s very confident in who he is, and really doesn’t give a fuck what other people think. So doing the scene was part of that confidence.  Drew was very nervous when they got started and then a switch was thrown and he was talking all dirty. Probably the most verbose guy ever on Chaosmen.com. We loved it of course. It’s a pretty straight forward servicing, with the great verbal is the icing on the cake!

 Drew was one of the guys that actually busted just after the 3 minute mark. He cleaned up, he went outside to have a smoke, and came back with his dick bone hard. So they continue to shot some more oral to flesh this video out to about 7-8 minutes.  You need to listen to him near the cumshot as he whispers to ease up and "too late". The actual cumshot was actually a misfire, but its so copious and right on, that it is pretty hot. Most of the cock sucking in this video was done mere minutes after he had busted. Bryan probably could have gotten him to bust again, but there is something to be said for a short video and a short download time. This is a must see!  Very hot. 

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