Falcon Studios: A super hot scene from Big Wood


Featuring Jayden Grey, Zac Blake, and Dominic Pacifico

Jayden Grey and Dominic Pacifico leave their tent and head off to the showers. Under a refreshing blast of water, the two happy campers make out and get down’n’dirty. Their frisky man-on-man foreplay attracts Zac Blake. He likes what he sees and quickly joins the duo to singlehandedly tune their meat whistles as birds chirp away in the background.

Then just as eagerly, Zac hands Jayden a free ass pass so he can screw his hole while he continues sucking Dominic’s dick. Zac beats himself off as his new buddies switch places and continue plugging him at both ends. He quickly climaxes and shoots his load, then takes off, leaving Jayden and Dominic to finish each other off. There’s more vigorous ass-play with Jayden’s hole stretched to the limit until both men finally spooge all over. 

View the XXX preview tour

View the XXX preview tour

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