Sexy Former Marine Ashton Swinging Both Ways! 

At Sean Cody


“I used to be a pirate!”

“Yeah when I was younger I was a pirate,” he explained. “My family and I were like a traveling circus. Ashton's dad would dress him up in a pirate costume! I had a little wooden sword and everything.”

Everything about Ashton is entertaining — his personality, his jokes, and his life stories. Being in the same room with him just puts a smile on your face. “I was in the Marines, I was a pirate, a skateboarder, and a student… I was gay for a while too!”He tried to get that one by without us noticing! “Yeah in high school I used to swing back and forth!” “Like a swing!” He laughed. “I guess so, like a swing. I just liked each equally. They brought different things to the table!” “So what’s on your table now?”

“Right now,” he said, pausing for a moment… “Well it’s been a while since I’ve been with a guy. I guess that’s why I’m here!” One thing I figured out right away is that Ashton loves to be watched. And he loves to keep things interesting. “I like to get creative when I jerk off,” he said. “Sometimes I aim for my mouth… it adds a little bit more to the experience.”  “What do you do when it gets in your mouth?”  “Swallow!” he said. “Spitting is for quitters!” He just kept on surprising us!

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