Gentle Mikel Revisited On

Along with other BukBuddies stars like Jeremy, Bekim, Bruno and Brodie, to name only a few, Mikel stands as one of BukBuddies all time favorites so offering a new set with full length video plus his images redone and available as high res zips is something very special. His very first set, Squeeky Clean,” is the perfect show piece for this amazing GQ hottie. This is Mikel at 20 and this was his debut at BukBuddies. He’s young, enthusiastic and exciting and best of all we have all the never before seen or enjoyed video of that rainy day in May for you today.

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 Mikel started out on the back deck where we took some great portraits. Then, we had him wash the large glass windows; it was raining anyway so getting wet was no problem. Posing in the tighty whitie and blue jock, well, we knew we had a new star. The rest of the set is amazing as Mikel does his best to prove he’s worthy to be one of BukBuddies most popular guys. His first j/o set is in the old kitchen where he does an erotic money shot and plays to the camera like a pro. Then, his final appearance at the large glass door is priceless as his smears his huge jizz load all over the freshly cleaned window. 


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