Gerrad Tilson 

On ManifestMen

Gerrad Tilson is one of the hottest ManifestMen additions.  He is an uncut young bodybuilder who shoots an amazing finale!

 In Gerrad's video, he is ready to go as soon as the camera hit “record”. He is confident with his body and begins by rubbing his belly and lifting his shirt to show off his washboard abs. In removing his shirt the first thing you will notice is how his biceps are amazingly big and round. From there he works his way down to his ass, and without much coaxing, his big dick is almost instantly hard.  While stretched out on the bed, each thrust of his hips grinding into the mattress sends you shivers as his powerful ass cheeks and thighs simulate fucking a hungry hole. But if his ass gives you shivers, just wait till his smoldering eyes look straight into the camera with that “come-hither” look – you will melt.

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