Remember Collin At

A little-known fact about Collin is that he was JUST about to start his training in the Marine’s Special Forces unit when he shot his Fratmen movie and knew right away that the military just wasn’t what he wanted to do. He’d considered the military as a way of getting out of his small Tennessee town but he fell in love with Southern California and decided to stay at the Fratpad for a while before becoming a Lifeguard in Malibu. That, however doesn’t mean that he’s lost his ability to live off the land. So taking is skills in survival and the remote location of the new Fratpad, Collin – on a dare from Leo – set himself up, sharpened his machete and headed into the jungle on the tropical island where they’re staying. Think of it like Fratpad: into the wild. We’ll have video and images once he gets back, but here’s a few pictures of him the day he left. Enjoy!

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