Introducing Chance At

When Chance answered a questionnaire about the types of modeling he would like to do, he indicated he wouldn’t really be interested in nude stuff, ‘cuz basically he didn’t think he had a giant porn cock. The friend that was encouraging him to come in and do a solo was persistent, and Bryan finally got some updated pictures of him and was blown away.

Click here or below to view Chance’s intro clip

CLICK HERE or above to view Chance’s Intro Clip

As you can see, this kid has got amazing bone structure, black hair, ice blue eyes, and a tight little body. This vehicle comes nicely equipped too.  Chance loved doing the photos and the solo. Not because he got turned on by showing off, as some models do, but more that he just couldn’t believe that I (and you, the audience) would think he is hot.  Chance is a very humble guy. He doesn’t have low self-esteem, he just thinks he looks like "everyone else". Well, he sure doesn’t. We love this guy’s look, and he’s back soon for much more. on a dude. Enjoy. 

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