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 Name: Colby
Age: 22
Zodiac: Pisces
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5′ 9"
Weight: 165lb
Waist: 32"
Chest: 42"
Shoe Size: 10
Cock: 6" cut
Physique: Athletic 

PerfectGuyz Colby – a sexy wrestler stud. Colby is a wonderful, fresh face to the scene. At the age of 22, he is totally beautiful. His body is muscular and taught. PerfectGuyz Colby works as a “bouncer” at a local bar and is also a personal trainer. He is disciplined in developing his body – and it shows. Colby had been a wrestler for 3 years while in college. No doubt he was a heartthrob on campus – and probably in the locker room as well. Wrestlers are a unique breed of athlete. The sport is intense and physically personal. Wrestlers combat their opponents on the mat; leveraging their bodies to immobilize the other guy. Some guys comment that the body contact of wrestling usually makes them horny. In working with Colby, we sensed his competitive spirit. We could only imagine him in the act – battling it out on the mat with a formidable opponent, covered with sweat, two hot, muscular bodies maneuvering to escape the other’s hold, both out of breath from the physical torment. Finally a guy is pinned and they retire to the locker room….Yes, we definitely understand why guys get horny from the experience. Enjoy Colby in his premiere PerfectGuyz presentation. 

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