Introducing Dane At

What a sexy, sexy, SEXY dude!

Dane has got long mussed up hair that has its own dynamic, yet totally works for him. We love it, and it reminds of when Teo had his hair long. He’s a chill dude, very relaxed and confident. He plays soccer and does have a nice soccer bootie. He does tend to watch the porn a lot, but for some reason, it doesn’t bother me much, maybe cuz he’s so sexy? The video reads more like a "spy on a guy" jerk off- perhaps more voyeuristic than others.

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His cumshot is astounding! His jack off technique is super fast, then slow pull down on all his cock skin, perhaps teasing and edging his dick to shoot. He explodes with such force that he literally has to lay down. Not much cum to look for since he shot clear across the room, but the spooge flying out is pretty amazing.

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