Introducing Derec At Falcon


Derec is a no-nonsense guy – upfront and to the point. He’s here to do what he normally does every day … jack off. For this habitual masturbator, playing with himself occurs once or twice a day. His record for the most he’s ever done it in a 24-hour period is 4 or 5 times; he must’ve been really bored. Besides having a generally blasé manner, he is equally nonchalant about his on-and-off girlfriend who thinks he’s out doing some modeling today.

Shucking off his jeans, we see that Derec’s already sportin’ wood and his boner is aching to pop out. He reaches in and strokes it. It is a massive piece of cock that would get anyone salivating. He sits down and goes to town. He strokes. He sighs. He licks his lips. Derec quickly drops his calm demeanor and grows more and more stimulated with each pull and tug. His breathing becomes more pronounced. He begins to sigh. He beats his meat, jerking it faster and faster, cooing that it feels good, until he finally shoots, blasting his cum up across his torso reaching all the way up to his throat.

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