Introducing Hurley New At

Hurley is one hot young dude.  As you can see he’s blonde and very athletic.  Notice Hurley has just enough light hair to be intriguing and a happy trail lol.  Hurley is a sun-loving mid-westerner who can usually be found at the local skate park.

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New at the Fratpad

New at the Fratpad

Wax That Ass 2:  It’s time again to tame those unruly pubes of Diego’s.  Join us for a second round of Wax That Ass, available this week at  Enjoy our exclusive pics from last week’s Fratpad events.

Alumni Travis returns to the pad and continues the pledge uprising by having Jayden give him a full body massage… in the nude, of course.  Oh and Kai is going on vacation for a week, but not to worry as there may be a couple new guys coming by the pad to keep you busy… 

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