Introducing Tony At

It’s one of the first things Tony says in his intro – "I love to be on the camera!"

That’s just one of the ways in which Tony is a perfect fit for CF. He’s an admitted exhibitionist, has a great face with striking dark features, a toned and defined body, and a really nice 8" cut dick! Tony is 6′, 165 lbs with an 11 shoe size.

"I want to do a really good job with this video. I think I’m going to be awesome," he said. Truth be told, this worried CF a little. They wondered if he was trying to make up for some real anxieties and nerves he had about it all. Perhaps he’d clam up in front of the cameras? Maybe he wouldn’t be able to get hard?

Well, it turns out he was confident for good reason! He was definitely at ease in front of the cameras and was visibly enjoying what he was doing. Furthermore, he had no problems at all getting hard and showing off that nice dick of his!

Heck, with a dick like that, can you blame him for being a bit cocky? In actuality, we really shouldn’t call it cocky so much as confident, because he’s extremely friendly and personable and what initially seemed like cockiness was just him being very outgoing, very comfortable in this setting, and very open about what was going through his head as well as very eager to please. He would even pause during the course of jerking off to ask, "Is this what you guys want? Let me know if I do anything wrong or if there’s anything I can do to make it better! I really want to turn people on!"

Click here to take the CF XXX tour now

Click here to take the CF XXX tour now