Cameron’s Back At Amateur College Sex

AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 6′0"
BUILD: Muscular
COCK: 9" Cut


It’s been a few months since we were treated to the sight of hot, muscular, hung Cameron in action here on ACS and we’re thrilled to say we have a brand new video of this stud in action to show you!

Cameron blew many an ACM (AMateur College Men) and ACS (Amateur College Sex) fan away with that hot tan, those piercing eyes, that masculine face, that ripped body, and that HUGE cock! This is a guy you could watch fuck over and over and over again!

April was in for quite a treat, as well as quite the task, taking on Cameron’s big cock, but it’s a treat for those of us as who like a little bisexual action. From all the different positions Cameron fucks in to going back and forth between plunging that big dick in to his partner and having her suck on it, Cameron couldn’t possibly be studlier than he is in this video

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Introducing Cameron From Corbin Fisher

Cameron is an equisitely beautiful young man

This hot young college stud has it all! He’s buff and built, with an absolutely amazing, muscular chest; he’s got wonderfully ripped abs; he’s tanned and muscled, including his great arms and legs; he has a great ass (surprise, surprise); his face is as handsome as they come and his brilliant blue eyes look are gorgeous and well there’s his cock.  It’s huge!

There is much more to see of Cameron and the video! Cameron is  20 yrs old,  6’ tall, with a shoe size of 12 ½, weights 175 and has a 9” cock.  


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