Jared’s Tag Team At CorbinFisher.com

There’s just something so hot about seeing two studs take turns fucking another guy, and seeing the guy on the receiving end also taking it at both ends. Really, there’s no way around a tag team being super naughty. Even the terms associated with it – "tag team", "double team", "spit roast", etc – make it pretty clear there’s a whole lot of naughtiness involved!

We’re especially fond of the whole spit roast part! Having a guy get fucked in the ass while sucking another guy’s dick is intense, and it fills the screen with hot action all over. It’s also a great indicator as to how far a guy has come in his CF education! Seeing how a guy takes to sucking a dick and focusing on the cock in front of his face while another guy is having his way with his ass behind him really tells a lot about how the guy on the middle has taken to guy/guy action, knows their way around another guy’s body, and knows what it means to give and receive pleasure with other guys.

Here, Jared takes to things like a champ. While bent over, getting it hard and fast from Lucas in the rear, Jared looks more than comfortable using his hands and mouth to work on Derek’s rock-hard dick. The only times Jared pulls off of Derek’s cock are when he breaks away to moan and throw his head back in pleasure or to kiss Derek. When it is time to switch things up and ride Derek’s dick, Jared’s tight bod looks so hot, his big dick flopping around with every bounce and thrust.

Don’t think that Jared’s the only one having fun at both ends in this vid, though! While on his back, with Jared riding his cock, Derek also has himself some fun sucking off Lucas and being totally caught up in action all around!  Enjoy. 

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