Jesse & Jarred Double Fuck Tristan At

 There are very few things in porn that we enjoy more than a nice hot three-way – one of which being a three-way where the bottom gets double fucked.  You gotta love a boy who knows what he wants and ain’t afraid to ask for it! That would be Trisan!  After making out for a bit they quickly toss their clothes off as Tristan moves down to his knees to devour both Jesse and Jarred’s cocks.  Pretty soon the other two boys join in the dick sucking action and before you know it everyone is in everyone else’s mouths. But the real action begins when Tristan gets down on all fours and Jarred starts FUCKING him with all he’s got. The only thing that stopped Tristan from screaming was Jesse’s fat cock in his mouth. Not to be outdone, Jesse decides it’s his turn for some ass. They flip Tristan around and spit roast him while Jesse gives him a few nice ass slaps for good measure. Then Tristan decides it’s time to try taking both of their dicks at once….and boy does this kid ever succeed! First he lays Jarred and Jesse on their backs and sits right down on their two cocks at once – and these boys ain’t small either! Next they mix it up a bit and make a Tristan sandwich while they both fuck his hole at once. This is one video you HAVE TO SEE. Check it out!

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