Julio’s Birthday Celebration On SeanCody!

Julio new at SeanCody is all about life. He’s got the sweetest smile, a great chest, nice abs, muscular arms, thick hairy legs and a huge, thick uncut cock. Oh, and it was his 21st birthday. He was so excited to be in California to celebrate it that he had already planned out his evening adventures.  “What are you going to do special for your birthday?”  “Probably go downtown, hit some of the clubs, have fun," he said. "It’s going to be a blast!”

Julio loves football and the gym, and he is a car fanatic. He likes to work on them and race them. The best birthday present he ever received was from his mother — his first car that he still keeps shiny and waxed to this day.   At the park, Julio’s cock was obvious through his shorts. He was not shy at all about his body and even joked around while showing it off.   But damn that cock is huge! He sat on the bed and started stroking, working his balls and foreskin. Then he got up and used both of his hands on his fat dick. He ended up on the chair where he blew his load all over the place! “So, how was the birthday orgasm?”  “One of the best birthday orgasms ever," he replied with a smile. "Now it’s time to go celebrate.”


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 Click here to see the free XXX Sean Cody Tour

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