Koben College Jock At ChaosMen.com!

 Koben is the epitome of a hot jock college boy.  Likes to party (but not too much), committed to school, plays sports, and generally seems like a well-balanced guy. I’ll be danged if he doesn’t love being photographed and having the video cameras on him. Call Koben a natural "show off."

We love the way he looks at the camera and moves his body. He is very sensual, and I suspect he is VERY good in bed. As for more work, not sure. I think he would love to get head by anyone, but he has a girlfriend, and I think he would consider doing porn "cheating" on her.

It’s funny how I think of it as an entertainment job, so his attitude is just plain, well, cute! And what a cumshot! It flies everywhere and I think he shot 3 feet in the air before coating his entire chest. For a solo, this is pretty a hot one. So if you don’t normally get into the solo jack-off thang, DO spend some time with Koben. He’s worth it!

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