KOK Car Wash At CockSureMen.com

It’s a beautiful day and Shawn, Pat, and Jake are throwing a charity car wash for their favorite frat, Kappa Omega Kappa (KOK). Leo and Jeremy pull up and are informed that the price is negotiable and by donation only. After taking a quick look at the three hunks getting ready to clean the car, Leo gets some dirty thoughts and makes a big donation of $100.

The guys start to wash the car and goof around a bit when Jake peers inside the car and notices something else is getting polished. He calls over Shawn and Pat and they swing open the doors to find Jeremy going down on Leo. Jeremy asks if they are enjoying the show and within no time all the guys are getting it on.

If those five studs weren’t enough, they pop open the back hatch to discover Ryan and Park curled up giving each other mutual blow jobs. After that it’s a near free for all suck and fuck. Although the car is dirtier afterwards than when they started, it looks like everyone got their money’s worth.


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Click here to take the XXX tour


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