Kris Evan’s First Guy Fuck Ever On BelamiOnline!

Kris Evans is back again. This is the 3rd of our ‘breaking in’ series with Kris. The first was a jerk off scene followed closely by his first blow job. Now we have the first time he fucks another guy caught on film. His partner for this scene is Eric Bouna. Both guys know each other quite well, so we thought it would make things easier for Kris during his first time fucking another guy. This is the long awaited first fuck with another guy for new star Kris Evans. Erik got to be the lucky guy as they get along well together and it helped to make it a little less nerve wracking for Kris. It is Kris’ 3rd time with another guy, the first 2 being a jerk off and a suck scene.

Some people think Kris looks a little like a certain young male star hint,  a hunky werewolf in New Moon!

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