Kumar Returns To Fratpad And He’s Uncut!

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Take Kumar Home With You

Kumar named after the Hindu God of War, is built strong and delivers two fresh loads in his DVD debut on Fratmen.tv.  A must to see! Enjoy 35 minutes alone with Kumar 🙂

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The New Fratpad Is Ready At Fratpad.com

Over at the FratPad we have some really big news for you. As usual they like to keep it fresh and they’ve changed the scenery up a little bit. The pics in this post show off the new FratPad Palisades and some of the FratPad favorites Shay, Spencer, and Chase.

Right now everyone is getting settled in and getting the new house together.  Also they are going to start the year off with a big bang.  We will keep you updated. Also there has been a major update in the Antics Section at Fratpad.coms ince the last update. 

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