Lorenzo Kaiden At PowerMen.com

Insurance Salesman. Really. We’re not kidding. Neither is he. In his 12 hot, mouth-watering, butthole-revealing new video clips, Lorenzo insists that if you call him at his agency, he’ll "sell you the best policy out there." Really: check it out.  OF COURSE, Lorenzo is also leading a bit of a double life: he likes to dance on the weekends at a local club (all you have to do is find out what "local" means to him. We guarantee you’ll be on the case in a flash). You can ask him directly – at www.LiveMuscleShow.com. But that’s up to you. We think after you see his performance, you’ll have no qualms about tracking him down…Auto, Life, Fire, Flood You name it (you are still interested in the insurance, after all, right?

Click here to see his video