Macho Nacho And Joey Van Damme

Hustle Wrestle!




    It’s Hotter Than Ever! 

Who's Hustling Who?

There's a new tom cat in town, handsome, cocky, loaded with muscle, serenely confident, and out to have a good time showing it all off. Of course, you say, that's Macho Nacho. But noooo, we demur: it's Joey van Damme. And on first sight, the indomitable Mr. M. Nacho, Muscle Esq., realizes that he has a new rival – or a new partner in arms. Nacho runs into Joey in our always curiously deserted studio gym "locker room", where he challenges him to one of those friendly, deliberately no-winner wrestling matches, and in the midst of their rambunctious but gentle sparring, the two soon see they're pretty fine playmate.

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