Jeffrey Branson

MANHUNGRY, Scene 3 – Jeffrey Branson tops Sebastiano Bronco

After a long and scenic walk catching all the sights the city has to offer, Jeffrey Branson and Sebastiano Bronco arrive home horned up and ready for some frisky, naked fun. Within seconds of arriving home they strip down to their jockstraps and immediately lock onto each other for some Man Hungry kissing and groping.

Sebastian Bronco – COLTStudios

Sebastiano lets his open mouth wander, making his way down a well-toned torso to unleash Jeffrey’s hard-sprung, uncut cock. Taking it all in, Sebatiano gobbles down on every inch of that meaty tool.

With more kissing and groping they make their way to the nearby sofa where Jeffrey reclines and invites his hot buddy to climb up on top for a hot and heavy 69. With cock lodged deep in his throat, Jeffrey fingers and probes his buddy’s sweet tight hole. Soon, Sebastiano is on all fours giving Jeffrey an open invitation to take that ass. Using his tongue, Jeffrey gives that hole a sloppy, wet lube job and then dives right and starts fucking.

Sebastiano moans with pleasure as his ass gets drilled hard and from behind. Splititing that ass in two Jeffrey pile drives his cock deep and to the hilt. Sebastiano strokes his own cock as they both fuck their way closer and closer to the edge. Sebastiano gets up on top of that cock and takes a seat on that fuck pole. Ramming his cock like a jackhammer into that ass, Jeffrey reaches around and strokes his buddy’s ready-to-blow cock. Like a rocket Sebastiano shoots a big load. With the cum still dropping from Sebastiano’s cock, Jeffrey stands up and shoots a massive load all. Sebastiano looks up and gives an intense stare directly into Jeffrey’s face as a hot and fiery load spills across his chest.

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