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Ethnicity: Latino
Height: 5′9"
Weight: 160
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
Position: Straight
Cock Size: 8"
Sign: Virgo
Hometown: Pasadena, CA


Lucas is definitely one of the hottest boys we’ve seen in a long time. OK, yeah, we have a thing for Latinos. But when Kyle first saw Lucas he wanted to take him to the bathroom, push him up against a wall, push his legs up, and …. Wow we’re getting ahead of ourselves. This hottie is almost too much – ripped abs, hot tats, and an ass you can’t stop staring at. He’s from Pasadena, just outside Los Angeles. He claims he’s straight. So far Kyle only got him to do a solo. The good news is he’s a local boy, so Kyle will have lots of chances to pursuade him…. 

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