Meet Nathan At 

Nathan is a size queen’s perfect fantasy! Nathan’s 24 year-old, with a mop of hair brushing his shoulders, a smile that goes from ear to ear, and the pale skin of a night owl, looks like your typical Midwestern guy who heads to the West coast to try and break into the music scene. At 6’1” and weighing in at a 165lbs, Nathan looks like you could pick him up and snap him in half. But despite the teeny bopper appearance from the neck up, from the collar down, Nathan is all man. Starting with an unexpected blanket of fur on his chest, impossibly lean abs with a dark trail in the middle, and the real reason we are gathered here today, a fat, cut nine inch slab of thick meat, Nathan has a body he has been dying to show off. On and those nice thick hairy legs, don’t forget them. “I thought every girl just told their boyfriends that they have a big dick,” he said during his interview. “But it didn’t take me long to figure out that with me, they were telling the truth.” Yum!

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Is it true what they say about guys with those big thumbs and big feet hehe…. well Nathan has em both!