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Popular gay pornstar Matthew Rush is vacationing in Florida, but his work ethic deserves applause. While relaxing, he’s still earning some cash on the side by giving massages to a select clientele of men, but when he receives an anonymous request, he’s curious to respond. He visits the address of his client, walks into the bedroom, and mounts the bed, only to discover another gay pornstar: Michael Lucas himself. The massage is history as the two men deeply kiss and explore each others bodies.  Michael gets hard quick, and stands up on the bed, presentinghis 10-inch cock for Matthew to suck, who quickly swallows the uncut piece of meat down his throat. Matthew’s own thick cock deserves attention, so he and Michael 69. The two hunks swap rimjobs: Michael sits on Matthew’s face, and then Matthew bends over so Michael can eat him out before slipping his huge dick inside of Matthew’s ass.

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